NI-GPIB Plug-in  v.2.0.0

The NI-GPIB plug-in is a REALbasic plug-in that offers access to nearly all the functions you know from your National Instruments GPIB manual.

7201 Update Utility  v.1 13

The 7201 Update Utility performs software updates for the 3100 Mobile Fault Finder and the 4400 Mobile Phone Tester Series. In addition, the IP or GPIB address of the instrument can be changed and it offers the possibility to activate new options.


SWR Calculator  v.1 20

SWR Calculator is a handy program to help you calculate the errors in your microwave measurements. It consists of the Directivity Error Calculator, the Mismatch Error Calculator, and the Ratio-to-dB Calculator.

Agilent Infiniium 548xx Series  v.1.0

This software is an add-in accessory for the Agilent IntuiLink Waveform Editor and is designed to be used with the 33120A, 33220A, or 33250A function/arbitrary waveform generators.

Capture VNA  v.2 45

Capture VNA is a Windows program to capture, display, save, and print the graphical and text data from Anritsu VNA's.

Pattern Generator  v.1.0

The PPG12500 is a 1-13 Gb/s single-channel Programmable Pattern Generator.

AlaVar  v.5 2

The program computes the three Allan Standard Deviations of a Time series. - Produce quality report plots. reports may be saved and exported in PDF, HTML, RTF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF.

ADLINK DAQBench  v.2 44

DAQBench is a specialized ActiveX controls package designed for measurement and SCADA/HMI application.

VNA Cal Kit Manager  v.2 10

VNA Cal Kit Manager offers support for new cal kit features in the PNA network analyzers with firmware revision. The file setup.exe should be stored in any convenient spot on your hard drive.

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